Monday, 13 February 2012

Write vulnerablity On China Government websites

I Got a new Write vulnerablity On China Government websites, This vulnerablity allow to hackers for writing in Files remotly.

You can Write your message in fileds Like " Hacked by XYZ"

 so Lets Start Goto A search portal ( or Yahoo and Baidu )and type this dorks one by one : 
after opening website from serch result go to : 
and Transte page using Google Translator and Find edit option and edit that Page 
Then Paste your message there 

now click on save button and check  again 
now you'll got your message here =) You sluold Make a Miror after editing because someone elase can cange your message [Best Mirror Provider Websites]
Live demo :

Enjoy Hacking & Stay Tuned More Tutorials To Come ;)

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