Wednesday, 1 February 2012

phUploader Remote File Upload Vulnerability

Title: phUploader Remote File Upload Vulnerability

Google Dork : intitle:Powered By phUploader 

Go to and enter this DOrk, see serach results 
Exploit URL : 
http://{site.comt}/ path/upload.php

select any website and upload your file there 
website allow to upload .jpg .png .gif anf .png files only
anyway you can upload your deface in .jpg and mirrOr website like 
zone-h accept it as defcaement, if want to upload a shell then upload as 
after uploading your file you'll got a message 
Your file(s) have been uploaded!

see the Link Below this message For view Your uploaded File

Live Demo ~
Uploaded File ~

Must leave a comment below if you want mOre tutorials

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