Thursday, 9 February 2012

How To unlock Hidden themes in windows 7 & Vista

How To unlock Hidden themes in windows 7 & Vista....By HackingsArt

Windows 7 have many new and hiddden features that are not said to common people, All this type of Features are revelled to you by Hackingpop
                                      We here will teach you step by step how to unlock hidden themes in your own windows 7 without downloading any software...

#1 The First Step

Go to My Computer or Computer.

open C:/ Drive

then Go to Windows Folder in C drive

That is 


Open It.

#2 The Second Step

Go to the search panel...located at the Top Right of the seen in the picture..

Go to the search and Write....

  .theme   and press Enter...

Now you will get A list of  results....

As shown in the example...below

 #3 Installing Theme....

The hidden themes are shown here in red spheres .....

Double click in each new theme and intall...

And you will get a new theme 

Thanks To HackingArts

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