Thursday, 9 February 2012

How to Hack Web Site with IIS Exploit in win 7 webdav vulnerablity

Today i am going to teach you how to hack websites using IIS method :) . First of all it is the easiest method for hacking websites. IIS (Internet Information Server)  is mostly 90% in chinese sites.
Here’s the full tutorial of IIS in windows 7
1) Open to my computer and right click select “Add a network location”

2) Follow the instruction given in the Wizard
3) In specify the location of your website put the IIS vulnerable site (for example:- ) I am using this site for tutorial.
4) After entering the vulnerable site press next.
5) At last you will get “You have successfully created this network location” click finish.
 6) A new window will open. Now paste copy your deface/shell and paste into the newtwork drive folder.
You will get your file like this :-
You can get your shells here  both php and asp :D
 Some IIS Websites To Practice ;)

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