Wednesday, 8 February 2012

"Encodable" ~ another Deface and shell upload Vulnerablity

Title : "Encodable" ~ another File Upload Vulnerablity
safe_image.php (90×90)Google Dork : "intext:File Upload by Encodable"

Lets Start .. xd
open and enter this dork :  "intext:File Upload by Encodable"
result comes with 166,000 results but some results are fake ... its may be malwaers 
so pick real things only , "Upload a file"  You will this title in search results here :)
click the sites sites only which comes with upload a file title 
after click the link  you'll got a upload form 
you'll saw some options in this form like name Description email etc ...
 type anything in these boxes but add a email in email box, dont use your own 
put this one , etc :P

now choose you file and upload it :) 

after clicking on upload button a pop-up will be open ... dont close it, it will automatilcly closed 
after uploading file 

in some sites you'll got you uploaded  file link after uploading on website  
and if you did not file it then try these url
or /upload/userfiles/

Live Demo :
Uploaded page :

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