Friday, 10 February 2012

Convert Your Firefox Into a Keylogger

Hi friends. Most of you Know what a keylogger is, isnt  it ? Well today i'm gonna post how to But the problom is most keyloggers are demo and bying them costs a lot. So why not use what we have as what we want ?  This process is too simple to be called a hack. Still it helps in hacking so Lets Go. !

*For those who do not know what a keylogger us kindly Read my Detailed Article on Keyloggers.
  "Read on Keyloggers here."

How it works:

  • We just change firefox a lil so that each and every password and email typed are automatically saved.
  • Later we can use Firepasswordviwer to retrieve the passwords.

  • Download the Script from Here
  • go to " C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/Components"
  • now search for a file "nsLoginManagerPrompter.js" and backup it or copy it somewhere safe.
  • Now open the script you've downloaded, there you'll find  "nsLoginManagerPrompter.js" paste it to where the original script was.
  • Done ! Now each and every E-mail and password typed will be saved automatically.

How to get the Details:
  • Download Free PassWordViwer from here. 
  • Install or Run it
  • Click on "Start Recovery"
  • Click on "Show Passwords"
  • Done.!!

Hope this helped You !! Plz Leave Feedack.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you just create that on pref.js. And set the value to 8 which will make it faster to load.. Any help join me on facebook - "atsuyim mark"

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