Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Collection of Best Deface Pages

Don't Have Time for designing A Deface page .. ?? dont worry
 here you can download Best Deface Pages, 
Just replace the Name and message with your own name 

189041_155251134536774_100001556647344_351257_994796_n.jpg (720×450) 

How to edit and save it... ??
All html codes are shared on pastebin, copy it and paste in notepad
then edit it and save as index.html or anyname.html

1- Tiger M@te's Deface Page, 
This Deface page wason google bangladesh'd domain Google.com.bd
Live Demo : Download

2- Happy Birhthday Deface Page 
for making someone's Birthday special =)
Live Demo : Download
3- Deface Page For Long Messages + Video 
Designed By Ffessxt Prince indishell
Live Demo : Download 

4- #opFreedom Plestine, 
Deface page with free palestine message, Designed by The Hackers army
Live Demo Download

5- Lovely deface Page for Your Girlfried or loved one 
This Deface Page was designed by me =)
Live Demo : Download

6-Deface Page with dancing firefox script
Live Demo : Download

7-Multi colour deface page
Live Demo : Download  

8- Simple Black Deface Page 
Designed by Hax root
Live Demo : Download

9-Matrix Style Deface Page
Designed by ShOrTy420
Live Demo : Download

10-Pro Style Deface Page 
Live Demo : Download

9- Awesome  #opFreedom Plestine Page with New Fuctions
this page desgned by Syakila Daniel
Live Demo : Download 

10- Awesme Matrix style Deface Page 
Designed by coded32 
Live Demo : Download

11- Romantic deface Page with Roses
designed by Deepak  Carpenter
Live Demo : Download

12- Deface Page with Jquery 
Designed by Privatex
Live Demo : Download

13- #opmegaupload Deface Page
Live Demo : Download

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